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St. Louise de Marillac Catholic School is dedicated to excellence in education through the spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development of each child. Our administrators, teachers, and faculty share a deep faith, a passion for teaching, and an unwavering commitment to our students.


Fr. Joseph Sioli (Pastor)PhotoDay-6-3-15#10
Mr. Kenneth J. Klase (Principal)
Mrs. Christine Makowski (School Secretary)
Mrs. Suzie Liebscher (Curriculum Director)
Mrs. Tracey Buckley (Director of Advancement)
Ms. Kathy Kalcevich (Business Manager)


Mrs. Michelle Smith (Preschool/Pre-K)
Mrs. Janet Klinar (Kindergarten)
Mrs. Julie Cugini (Kindergarten)
Mrs. Lynne Ann Roberson (First Grade)
Ms. Judy Gillis
(First Grade)
Ms. Tabitha Hanna (Second Grade)
Mrs. Karen Caven (Second Grade)
Mrs. Lanna Smith (Third Grade)
Mrs. Lisa McLean (Third Grade)
Mrs. Stephanie Goldaine (Fourth Grade)
Mrs. Elizabeth Hamilton (Fourth Grade)
Mrs. Lisa Whisker
(Fifth Grade)
Mrs. Stephanie Joyce (Fifth Grade)
Mr. Dan Wagner (5th and 6th Grade Math)
Miss. Samantha Muth (Sixth Grade)
Mrs. Molly Scherer (Seventh Grade)
Ms. Rosemary Valenti (Seventh Grade)
Mrs. Jill Ingold (Eighth Grade)
Mrs. Dori Lijewski (Eighth Grade)
Mr. Michael Martin (7th and 8th Grade Math)

Special Subjects

Mrs. Zee Ann Poerio
(Computer, 7th and 8th Grade Latin)
Mrs. Jackie Jones (Gym)
Mrs. Rachel Ferdinand (Spanish K-5)
Mrs. Claudia Gross (Spanish 6-8)
Mrs. Mary Ann Rodaitis
Mrs. Nicole Sutanto (Librarian)
Mr. Andrew Sabol (Music/Instrumental Music)


Mrs. Sally Thompson (Kindergarten)
Mrs. Susan Leis (Kindergarten)
Mrs. Katie Mazzarini (Grade 1)
Mrs. Kathleen Narr (Grade 1)
Mrs. Charlene Lacey (Grade 2)
Mrs. Leigh Merwick (Grade 2)

Support Staff

Mrs. Renee Pendergast  (School Nurse)
Mrs. Lee Ann Cebula (School Nurse)
Maria Gigliotti (Resident Director – cafeteria)
Mrs. Jane Haritan (Before/After School Care Program)
Mrs. Beth Ann Coughlin (Reading Specialist)
Ms. Jackie Pagnanelli (Speech Clinician)
Mrs. Val MacWhinnie (Upper St. Clair District Nurse)
Mrs. Anna Marie DiCesare (Guidance Counselor)
Mrs. Karly Remlinger (Learning Support Coordinator)

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