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Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway

St. Louise de Marillac Catholic School has joined forces with the Carnegie Science Center to enhance our STREAM curriculum by becoming a Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway Partner. This partnership will enable us to offer a research-based and field proven strategic planning process to our STREAM initiative at St. Louise. With positive collaboration and planning, our teachers and staff plan to offer cutting edge curriculum and best practices in STREAM education.

What is STREAM?

St. Louise de Marillac Catholic School is kicking off a kindergarten-through-eighth grade STREAM initiative this year. STREAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, the Arts and Math. This acronym includes the cutting edge parts of a STEM curriculum and incorporates a focus on Religion and the Arts. STREAM is not a new curriculum, but a framework for incorporating critical skills important to make our students successful in the future.

At St. Louise, we strive to deliver excellence in Catholic education for 21st century learners! We believe this STREAM initiative will provide our students with the necessary curriculum and technology to become critical thinkers and future innovators. More information will be available in the coming year as the initiative is implemented.

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