Music is an enriching piece of a St. Louise education. In addition to the weekly classroom music instruction, other opportunities exist to enhance the music experience for students.  For Friday morning school masses and holy days, those students whose home room is planning the liturgy are encouraged to help lead the singing at mass (3rd Grade and older).  Students should let their homeroom teacher know that they are interested when their time comes.  Mr. Fincham will practice with these students during the school day as arranged with the homeroom teacher.

The Parish Children’s Choir sings for Sunday Masses once a month or so.  Typically, the school students are already familiar with the songs and hymns that will be sung on Sundays.  But if they need to practice a song or two, a rehearsal is arranged for a brief time during the school day.  No after school practice is required for STL school students, but they are asked to arrive for mass 40 minutes early so that they can warm up and review music in the downstairs of the church.  When the Children’s Choir sings for Sunday Masses, those in the 1st grade and older may participate.  Please contact Music Director Greg Fincham at for more information and for the current schedule.

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