Student Life at St. Louise is challenging, busy, creative, engaging, fun and rewarding.


Proud Home of the TROJANS!

Athletics at St. Louise are under the direction of our Athletic Board, a group of dedicated parents, teachers, and coaches who provide a safe, Christ-centered, winning athletic program.  St. Louise students participate in a wide range of physical activities throughout the school year to encourage healthy choices, develop skills and learn the importance of sportsmanship.

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Extracurricular Activities

Fourteen different activities to interest your student.

The best friends you make in life are often the ones you make in school.  Social development is emphasized by providing extracurricular activities that help students enhance their talents, explore different creative venues, and strengthen friendships that will last a lifetime.  There is a special place for every child at St. Louise!

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I love St. Louise because each kids accepts me for who I am. – 8th grader
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